Allen Sports is among my favorite folding bike manufacturers in the US and I didn’t understand why their bikes have mediocre reviews in the past few years.

Now, I figure it out after trying the Allen Sports Urban X. This is a great bike with only one significant issue, keep reading for more details.

Specifications & Features

  • Colors: Blue, Orange
  • Folded dimensions: 33.5 x 27.6 x 13.8 inches (85 x 70 x 35 cm)
  • Weight: 25.6 lbs (11.6 kg)
  • Frame: 6061 Aluminum
  • Fork: 6061 Aluminum
  • Speeds: 7
  • Wheel Size: 451mm
  • Tires: 20″ x 1-3/8″
  • Rims: GLEDE Alloy
  • Valve on tires: Schrader
  • Crankset: Samox
  • Rear Derailleur: Shimano RD-TZ40 7-Speed
  • Shifter: Shimano Tourney Revo Shifter
  • Brake: WinZip linear-pull brakes
  • Brake levers: Alhonga
  • Handlebar Post: unadjustable Alloy one piece
  • Handlebar: Aluminum
  • Saddle: DDK 3166
  • Seat post: Aluminum
  • Fenders: not included
  • Pedals: Folding
  • Kickstand: included
  • Recommended rider’s height: 4’11” to 6’7″ (150cm to 200cm)
  • Max Rider Weight: 242 lbs (110 kgs)
  • Carton dimensions: 35.5 x 26.5 x 16 inches
  • Shipping weight: 30 lbs

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The Allen Sports Urban X is like an upgrade of the Allen Sports Downtown that we reviewed a few months ago. Therefore, you can expect a lot of similarities between the 2 bikes. The Urban X still features almost the same folded size, the press linkage design for effortless folding/unfolding process, a sturdy and lightweight 6061 aluminum frame, WinZip linear-pull brakes, and a wheel lock to secure wheels and roll the bike like a trolley.

So, why should you spend more for the Urban X? The folding bike actually has some significant improvements such as the slightly larger 451mm wheels with thinner tires, the Shimano 7-speed rear derailleur, the foldable pedals, and surprisingly, it is even lighter than the Downtown.

Equipped with 7 gears, the bike is a lot more capable when climbing hills. Besides, I really love the performance of the rear derailleur and shifter, shifting gears was never that fast and smooth. This makes the whole riding experience much more enjoyable. My average speed on the Urban X was about 12 mph when I ride it on the streets.

However, there is a remarkable issue on this bike as I mentioned earlier. That is quality control. After unboxing the Urban X, I had to return it immediately because I couldn’t move the seat post, it seems to be stuck inside the seat tube. Then I ordered a replacement but the seat post is still fairly tight. Fortunately, the seat post is a little looser and I managed to adjust the height of the saddle finally. The folding and unfolding processes become a little slower because of this issue and I didn’t expect the problem from a folder at this price.

There is another problem that is common on all Allen Sports folding bikes. When you fold the bike, the handlepost will stay outside of the 2 wheels and its weight makes the bike a little unbalanced in folded position. You will need to lean it on something or it will fall to the ground easily.



  • Attractive design with a sturdy and lightweight frame
  • Easy to fold and unfold
  • Good performance of drivetrain


  • Can’t stand on its own after being folded
  • Quality control issue

Although I was a little upset with some aforementioned issues, this is actually a very impressive folding bike for an affordable price. I believe you will love it after all, however, make sure to buy it from a reliable dealer with proper adjustments. If you buy it online, you should buy it from Amazon because you will be able to return for a replacement easily without any hassle.

Buy Allen Sports Urban X on Amazon

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allen-sports-urban-x-folding-bike-reviewA stylish folding bike with some quality control issues.


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