Despite the ease of reaching your destination on time in areas with heavy traffic congestion, there is no denying the reality that your safety in the road will always top the discussion of whether using a bicycle in urban areas is an advisable practice. With CMYK 4.0, bicycle owners can now have quick access to real-time information about road conditions and hazards.

Engineered by Brooklyness, the CMYK 4.0 electric bike is designed with safety, convenience and environment in mind on top of urban mobility. One feature that demonstrates that is the presence of a built-in 250-watt motor that can help boost your biking experience for up to 30 miles after a single charging period. That means you won’t have to worry about toiling your way up a steep road because the bike itself would work to generate additional power for pedaling.

A micro-controller and an energy-efficient algorithm are built into the hardware in order to optimize the lithium battery so that the bike knows when to save energy. The bike weighs just 24 pounds and has wheels measuring 14 inches in diameter, small enough to fit inside your car on long trips. The major parts of the bike can also be folded to free up more room space. Using your phone, you can also switch the bike off upon arriving at your destination. There are displays on the bike to notify you about the power level.

Like the other e-bikes in the market, the CMYK 4.0 works with a partner mobile app to perform various functions, from alerting riders about congested and dangerous areas to rerouting riders for a traffic-free trip. The mobile app incorporates features that take your health into consideration by monitoring your speed against your heart rate.

The mobile app interacts directly with the bike to inform you about your speed, ride duration, cadence, temperature, distance and heart rate.

The app also incorporates schedule information for trains and buses for riders to view real-time data on mass transit and reach a destination on time. Together, the e-bike and mobile app work to crowd map your trip so that with the use of algorithm it can develop an easy route for you on another day. The same algorithm will also work to collect data about hazardous road areas so that you can avoid it.

Aside from the battery and health features, the e-bike packs other features such as built-in brains and innovative hardware in an effort to help riders get to where they are going faster and efficiently without going through the hassle of jammed streets.

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Under the hood, the bike is built with a heart rate monitor, processor, gyroscope, accelerometer, cadence sensor, and other hardware materials that provide data to the CMYK 4.0 sensors for transmission to your mobile device via Bluetooth.

This is especially helpful if you are traveling to work. Brooklyness said it has factored in your convenience, so commuting won’t have to be a daily challenge. The company likes to brand the CMYK 4.0 bike as the smartest bike in town, a justifiable claim given the intelligent features integrated into the vehicle.

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