The rapid growth of fat-tire folding e-bike is great news for cyclists. As mentioned in my previous reviews, this is a great solution for anyone who wants comfortable ride over long distance and the best thing is that it is small enough to fit in car trunks. I was excited to try the ENGWE Engine Pro 750W e-bike as it seems to be a perfect one based on the design and specifications.

Unboxing & Assembly Video

Specifications & Features

Tires20″ x 4″
Weight83 lbs (37.8 kg) including battery
Folded Dimensions32″ x 30″ x 23″
Battery48V 12.8Ah/16Ah
Frame6061 Aluminum
Battery Rangeup to 62 miles (100 km) in pedal-assist mode
Pedal Assist5 levels
ThrottleThumb throttle
DisplayKD986 Color LCD
BrakesHydraulic Disc Brakes
Motor750W Brushless Motor
TransmissionSHIMANO 8-speed freewheel
Max Speed28mph (45km/h)
Charging Time5-6 Hours
HeadlightLED Headlamp with horn
TaillightIntegrated LED Light
KickstandAluminum alloy
ForkMagnesium alloy
CranksetAluminum alloy
Maximum load capacity300 lbs

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Similar to many other e-bikes, the ENGWE requires some assembling process before you can ride it. However, it won’t take your long. The whole unboxing and assembling process took me less than 30 minutes. Basically, you will just need to take everything out of the box, install the handlepost, handlebar, front wheel, fender, and LED light. I only had one problem during the setup as I installed the handlepost conversely; This makes the cockpit length very short and I always had to sit upright. I only figured it out and fixed it weeks later.

The Engine Pro is quite a heavy and bulky bike. It is foldable but the folded size is quite big and I really don’t want to carry it to public transportation. Carrying the 83-lbs weight around is troublesome for most of us. Having said that, the foldable design is really helpful when you have little space to store the bike or when you need to put it in your car trunk.

Notably, the bike comes with all essential accessories like LED front and rear lights, fenders, a sturdy rear rack, and a beautiful LCD display. I also like the clean design with battery hidden inside the main frame; The battery is still removeable after folding the bike in half.

The ENGWE uses 20-inch fat tires which might create significant rolling resistance. Of course, you can still pedal the bike without using any electric assistance but it will be very slow and exhausting. Fortunately, the torque created by the 750W motor makes any resistance disappeared. Therefore, I always use the bike in pedal-assist mode; There are 5 levels of assists, so you can always find the suitable boost. The 750W hub motor can assist you to reach the maximum speed of 28 mph. And when you get tired, you totally can stop pedaling and press the thumb throttle to get into full-throttle mode.

I’ve ridden a lot of fat-tire e-bike in the last few years and I love them so much. The ENGWE even brings the comfort to the next level with dual suspensions on the front and on the back. The rides were so smooth even when I rode through the woods or on gravel roads. Moreover, I don’t have to worry much about battery life since it could last 50-60 miles in pedal-assist mode.

This seems to be a perfect e-bike for most average consumers. Unfortunately, it suddenly stopped working during my recent ride; I fully recharge the battery but the controller is no longer powered on. I contacted customer service and hopefully they could fix the issue soon.



  • Clean design
  • Great battery range
  • Basic accessories are included
  • Comfortable riding
  • Reasonable price


  • Heavy and bulky
  • My controller no longer powers on

Overall, the ENGWE Engine Pro 750W was among the best fat-tire e-bikes I’d ever used until it stopped working. Probably I was unlucky with a defective unit and you can give it a try as it is priced reasonably at around $1,500.

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  1. My bike is the same as yours and the display went dark after going down hill and regenerating power.
    Engwe is ending me a controller from China. I have been told that the display is probably burned out and the sensor at the peddle hub. Did you get a remedy? I would like to know what was wrong with yours and what Engwe did for you.

  2. I just finished putting my Engwe Engine Pro II together this morning.
    The parts looked great and were packaged well but after finishing the assembly (2.5 – 3 hours)and using real tools instead of the hex wrenches provided, the fully charged battery did not transmit anything to the bike.
    I had no screen, no pedal assist, no lights, no trouble codes, nothing. And of course, it being Saturday, no available support. Regardless of what I did to ensure power was flowing, I could not get any sort of readout. And there are no You Tube videos on start-up or troubleshooting.
    Does anyone have any hints? Does this mean my controller is bad?
    I’ll wait til Monday to see what the seller tells me, but if no help is forthcoming, I will attempt to get my money back, and try another route.


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