In today’s world of congested urban areas where the roads and streets leading to office buildings could be blocked by other vehicles and structures, commuters and workers are faced with escalating transportation challenges. This is especially the case in mega cities where large buildings have separate and slightly distant parking spaces.

In an effort to address transport woes, Ford Motor Company has introduced a new electronic bike that works in harmony with the owner’s smartphone as part of the company’s multimodal mobility offerings. Dubbed MoDe:Flex, the ebike is Ford’s latest solution for a lot of cities in the world where even a short drive to the office from home has become impractical.

Indeed, it looks like Ford took into consideration the various custom needs of bike users and enthusiasts as the MoDe:Flex has reconfigurable features. That means the wheels, motor and battery can be interchanged and replaced in accordance with the different needs of the driver and the conditions of the road.

At the center of the ebike is where the motor and battery are safely nestled. The wheels can also be modified in terms of durability. This is useful when you use the bike in rough roads, countryside and mountainous terrains, in addition to city streets. It is also built with a battery to aid in the pedaling on steep roads.

What is more engaging about MoDe:Flex is its foldable structure that allows users to bring the bike anywhere by just keeping it inside a Ford car and use it when the circumstances call for it. Inside the Ford car, the bike will be re-charged. But Ford has yet to answer whether there is a mechanism to also keep the bike inside a car of another auto maker. Moreover, the ebike is targeted to car owners since it is specially built to fit in an automobile’s trunk, to be used only when the parking space is quite distant from where the owner is actually heading and a leg power is still necessary to finish the trip.

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Since the MoDe:Flex ebike comes with a mobile app, users will be able to view and plan their route in real-time using their mobile phones. The app displays environmental conditions such as weather updates, traffic and parking fees. The handlebars also vibrate when the sensor detects cars that are about to overtake your bike.

For users with health issues, the Ford ebike is their perfect partner on the road. It has a pedal assist feature that reconfigures depending on the owner’s heart rate. There is also the no sweat mode, a fresh addition to the MoDe:Link app that fetches data and functionality in real time to the rider’s wrist in order to adjust the electric pedal based on the heart rate. It works with a smart watch as well, in which alerts for manholes ahead and other hazards are delivered right to your hands.

Hopefully, Ford will be able to complete the development phase of the ebike since it promises a lot of assistance to commuting problems and solution to traffic. Regarding the price, Ford has remained silent on the matter.

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