Folding bike enthusiasts were so excited with the launch of the Helix as it was promised to be the world’s best folding bike without breaking the bank. I didn’t back the Kickstarter project but I’d love purchase one right now at full price. There are a lot of promising features like the titanium frame, bigger wheels, and a small folded size that could fit in a suitcase. However, I’m so disappointed as the release date kept being delayed.

The Helix was planned to accept preorders in August 2016 and start delivering to customers in the late summer. However, they announced some schedule changes in the most recent update. Due to the shortage of components and changes during the research and development phase, they have to push the dates 3 months back. Specifically, they will accept preorders in November 1st and deliver in Spring 2017. Kickstarter orders will be delivered sooner in late October 2016.

Following are the pre-order prices:

  • Single-speed Helix: 1500 USD
  • 10-speed Helix: 1600 USD
  • 11-speed Shimano Alfine model: $1900


Some notable changes of the Helix bike include the proprietary hub, new rear dropouts, an all round tube structure, a bulge in the seat tube, a bushing-pin interface on the swingarm latch, an improved helical hinge, and the brushed finish.


  1. I’ve given up on the Helix bike. I have created new priorities, spending my money on a so called premium bike that weighs in at less than 20lbs. that has pushed back its release dates is no longer attractive. Good luck to the individuals wanting this toy.

  2. Me too, absolutely ridiculous. Who is running this project? I hate how they have shared so little info as well with the many people waiting that supported them. Very few posts and all they talk about is upgraded components. How long will this on for? Time to refund money and move on to something that can be done in my opinion.

  3. So glad I didn’t back this kickstarter. I would be pretty nervous about my money as they continue to push the date back. I contacted them to see if I could test ride one of their prototypes before backing the kickstarter, and they said that I would have to wait until the bikes are released. I have serious doubts about doing business with a company that would sell you a bike without allowing you to test drive it.

    • That’s crazy. Would a car dealer make money if they refused to let customers test drive the cars? I keep trying to research this brand and only get a bit more suspicious about whether they’re serious about this project. I’ll skip them and go to another brand.

      • you havent used kick starter have you

        kickstarter is to kickstart a company. its not a try before you buy be patient and wait for the release to see reviews

    • I stopped supporting ALL kickstarter projects. I got screwed with the so called “Wave eBike”
      They got the worst customer service, crappy email replies. As it turned out, this was a knock off bike made in China. The guys were full of “[email protected]@#$” I will pay for a product that’s already on the market, and with FULL manufacturer’s support. Learned my lesson!!!

  4. Helix is taking way too long. After seeing the delivery date extend the first time , I decided to not put in my order and send money. SOooooooo Glad I didn’t send them money. Now I’m waiting for the me too bike.

  5. Let’s see the price when/if it finally comes out…. I bet $2500 for the base model.
    It’s so hard to bring a product like this to market…

  6. I know the difficulties of engineering a new product, & bringing it to market. Considering that this is a new company with no manufacturing experience, I expected delivery dates to slip. So I’m not disappointed. If it arrives this year, I’ll be impressed.

  7. The development of a unique complex folding bike can take significant gestational time. Read the story of the evolution of the Bromton bike for some insight into this type of effort. The long delays for the Helix have occurred with periodic updates of their real progress. As an angel investor in other endeavors, I understand that product development is not a smooth linear predictable path toward the successful outcome. The Helix is no exception

  8. I support Helix Labs Inc. and give them the opportunity to complete their project to make the best bikes.
    I love the bike model, how to fold and the titanium pipe material they use.
    Good luck.
    I’m planning on owning this bike.


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