Hiboy is a very young brand in the micromobility industry but they’ve already had a wide range of products, from e-scooters, e-skateboards, to e-bikes. We’ve tested their e-scooter not long ago and now we’re going to review the Hiboy P10 e-bike.

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Specifications & Features

Weight35.2 lbs
Unfolded Dimensions39.3 x 35.4 x 19.6 inches
Folded Dimensions39.3 x 27.5 x 7.8 inches
Motor350W rear-drive motor
Max Speed15.5 mph
Electric ModesTwist throttle
Battery36V – 7.5 Ah
Battery Range18-30 miles
Charging Time4 hours
Tires12-inch air tires
LightingLarge LED headlight and taillight
BrakesDisc brakes
Max Rider Weight265 lbs

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The Hiboy P10 is probably the smallest folding e-bike I’ve ever used; It is even smaller than the Gotrax bike that I tested not long ago. It features 12-inch air tires which are tiny in the world of e-bikes but they are still significantly larger than e-scooter tires; Therefore, the tires can still absorb shocks pretty well when riding on rough roads. Besides, the saddle is fairly thick and comfortable for long trips.

The bike comes assembled out of the box and it is almost ready to use. You will just need to attach the pedals and fenders, fill the tires, and fully charge the battery before first use.

Although the Hiboy P10 uses tiny tires, it is not really a compact e-bike because of its design. The big battery is mounted in the middle of the bike, so the frame is unfoldable. You can only fold the front stem down and lower the seatpost, fortunately, it is still compact enough to put the whole bike to my car trunk. This is important for mixed-mode commuting when you park your car miles away from your workplace and need the bike to complete your trip.

The battery works pretty well at the moment and I have no complaint. If you run the bike in pure electric mode, it could last about 18 miles and when you use it in pedal-assist mode, it could reach nearly 30 miles. Even when the battery is drained out completely, you can keep pedaling to complete your trip. However, battery is also my biggest concern because it is difficult to replace and Hiboy is not selling replacement battery at this time. It might work great now but after a few years, you could be in big trouble finding this battery.

The P10 is powered by a 350W rear-drive motor which is quite powerful. This is not the fastest e-bike but the max speed of 15mph is good enough for most average consumers. I also have no problem climbing some low and short inclines. The riding experience is not smooth because it uses a cadence sensor, just like any other budget e-bike on the market. The motor will kick in as soon as you start pedaling, so you should get used to it before hitting the road; The sudden speed boost might surprise new riders. The dual disc brakes are quite fast and responsive to avoid accidents. I also love the large LED headlight and taillight which are helpful when riding at night; You don’t have to spend extra to buy the lights.



  • Reasonable price
  • Good battery life
  • Powerful motor
  • Comfortable for short trips


  • Jerky and laggy riding with cadence sensor
  • Unavailable replacement battery
  • Bulky design

The Hiboy P10 is a good budget e-bike but I wouldn’t recommend it to big and tall riders; It is ideal for people who are under 6ft tall and weigh less than 220 lbs. Besides, I also hope that Hiboy will make its replacement batteries available soon.

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Riding Experience
hiboy-p10-folding-electric-bike-reviewA tiny e-bike for average riders.


  1. It ran prefect for a year back and forth to work and back. But I got a new job 10 miles away a few months ago and stopped charging it every day, why does not hold a charge now. I bought it new and only rode it less than a year and a half.


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