We at BikeFolded have reviewed folding bikes for nearly a decade and a Brompton is still our favorite. However, the problem is that Brompton bikes are too expensive for most average consumers. In the US, their prices range from $1,075 to nearly $2,500, depending on the specs. That’s the reason why they have never become popular in the US and there are more cheaper alternatives coming from Asia. The Camp Royale comes from Mobot, a company based in Singapore, and it costs SGD$1,299 or US$960.

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Specifications & Features

Folded Dimensions600 mm (L) x 380 mm (W) x 630 mm (H)
Unfolded Dimensions1480 mm (L) x 540 mm (W) x 960 mm (H)
Weight28.88 lbs (13.1 kg)
Wheel Size16 inches
FrameChromoly steel
Drivetrain6 speed c/w STURMEY ARCHER 3 speed internal gear hub
SuspensionRear rubber
Freewheel13/16T, 2 speed
Shift leverROYALE SL
Rear derailleurROYALE 2SP
BrakeROYALE Linear Pull brake system
Tires16″ x 1-3/8″
Max Rider Weight240 lbs (110 kg)

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The Camp Royale’s under-$1,000 price tag is really crazy, considering the fact that a similar-specced Brompton M6R costs over $1,700. That means a saving of about 45%. It is equipped with all important components like a rear rack with wheels, mudguards, and a hand pump attached to the frame. Moreover, it includes extra accessories that are often sold separately when you buy a Brompton. Those include a front carrier block and an extra seatpost with integrated battery and rear light. You might even get a free carrying bag as well when ordering from their website.

As compared to the Brompton M6R, the Camp Royale is just slightly heavier (27.07 lbs and 28.88 lbs) while the folded dimensions are pretty much the same. Without close examination of some components, it is almost impossible to tell the difference between the two bikes. I’m very surprised with the design and build quality of this bike. It costs roughly half the price of the Brompton but it also uses a steel frame, all parts and finishes are very well done. It doesn’t look and feel like a cheap folding bike at all.

What I loved the most about Brompton bikes is the compact size and amazing folding mechanism. The folding and unfolding processes are the same on this Camp Royale but my bike has a few issues during the folding process. Firstly, when folding the front wheel back, the hook is not entirely attached to the frame; Therefore, it gets loose easily and sometimes falls off when I carry the bike. Secondly, when I drop the handlebar, it is a bit stiff and not clipped to the fork catch automatically; I often have to press it in myself. This is probably a quality control issue since I haven’t heard of similar complaint from other users.

The bike has 6 speeds and it performs well enough during my test. The left shifter is to adjust the rear derailleur while the right shifter is for the rear internal hub. Shifting gears is quick and smooth, so I have no problem climbing some moderate hills, although it is much more exhausting as compared to bigger bikes. Obviously, the riding experience is not really comfortable because it uses small 16-inch wheels. As compared to bikes with 20-inch wheels or fat tires, riding the Camp Royale is a little rough and you can feel it on your bottom even when riding on nice paved roads. It is much bumpier so you shouldn’t ride this bike off-road. Besides, you should be also more careful to avoid potholes on the road. Those disadvantages are expected for a bike at this size and it is not my priority when using this bike. I still love it because it is compact, lightweight and can follow me on any trip on a bus, subway, or my car; I can easily put it in my car trunk without taking too much space. Then when coming home, it can be hidden underneath my desk and nobody is aware of it.



  • Affordable price
  • Great design and build quality
  • All accessories are included
  • Lightweight and compact


  • Folding mechanism is not perfect
  • Uncomfortable for long rides

Overall, I have no complaint when using this bike, especially when it costs just about half the price of a similar Brompton. The differences between them are minor, therefore, you totally can get this Camp Royale if you’re on a low budget.

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Design & Build Quality
Riding Experience


  1. is your lower stop disc properly set? it’s the thingamajig on the opposite side of the rear brake caliper which determines how far down the hook on the front of the bike catches on the chainstay when folded

  2. Normally patent can last 30 years, once it expires, everyone can use the design for free. Therefore, I wouldn’t say they stolen the design of the Brompton. I’m a Brompton owner, What like about the Mobot is they have 9 speed offering, 3 cogs + 3 internal. Which is missing from Brompton for ages.


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