It’s been a few years since the last time we tested a Schwinn folding bike. The last ones we reviewed were the Schwinn Loop and Schwinn Hinge.

Schwinn didn’t make any official announcement but the new folding bike line up is made available on Amazon now. We have 3 models, which are the Schwinn Adapt 1, Adapt 2, and Adapt 3. Let’s see the differences between them.

Schwinn Adapt 1 Schwinn Adapt 2 Schwinn Adapt 3
Frame Alloy Alloy Alloy
Brakes V-Brakes V-Brakes V-Brakes
Wheels 20 inches, alloy 20 inches, alloy 20 inches, alloy
Shifter Shimano Revo Shift Twist Shifters Shimano Revo Shift Twist Shifters Sram X5 Trigger Shifters
Rear Derailleur 7-speed Shimano Tourney 8-speed Shimano Acera 9-speed Sram X5
Grips normal ergonomic with bar ends ergonomic with bar ends
Fenders included included included
Rear Carrying Rack included included included
Nylon Carrying Bag included included included
Adapt 1
Adapt 2
Adapt 3

Overall, the 3 bikes have pretty much the same design and components. The most notable difference is the rear derailleur which results in the difference in the number of gears on each bike. Specifically, the Adapt 1 has 7 speeds, Adapt 2 has 8 speeds, and Adapt 3 has 9 speeds.

Therefore, the price difference is also insignificant as they range from $450 to $550. However, as compared to the previous Schwinn bikes or folders from well-established brands like Dahon and Tern, the Adapt bikes are not really a good value. Besides, they still have the same problem as the Schwinn Loop; They can’t stand on its own in the folded position.

Buy Schwinn Adapt folding bikes on Amazon

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