SWAGTRON introduced a new e-bike lineup this summer and the SWAGTRON SwagCycle Pro is one of them. This is an upgrade from the original SwagCycle released last year, so we can expect some significant improvements.

Specifications & Features

  • Frame: Aluminum
  • Weight: 30 lbs
  • Wheels: 12″ front wheel and 10″ rear wheel
  • Folding stem/handlebar
  • USB charging port
  • Motor: 350 watts
  • Top speed: 18 mph
  • Battery range: 15.5 miles
  • Colors: black or white
  • IP54 water-resistant rating
  • Brakes: front and rear disc brakes
  • LED headlight and brake light
  • iOS/Android app monitors speed, battery life, GPS route and more
  • Maximum rider’s weight: 264 lbs

Unboxing Video

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As compared to the original SwagCycle, the SwagCycle Pro features pretty much the same design but the manufacturer actually boosted the performance significantly. Specifically, we can see the battery in the body is bigger and it helps increase the battery life by more than 50%; Now you can ride the bike over a distance of 15 miles. Another improvement is the more powerful 350-watt motor which boosts the top speed from 10 mph to 18 mph.

Unlike the SwagCycle EB-1 that I reviewed recently, the Pro version doesn’t have pedals and it runs in the full throttle mode only. You can get started by twisting the handle grip on the right, place your foot on the pegs, and start enjoying the pedal-free riding experience.

The bike features a compact design with a foldable stem and handlebar. The main frame is unfoldable but the bike still can fit in car trunks, so transporting the bike is not a problem. Just notice that the bike is still too bulky to carry on a bus or subway.

Riding the SwagCycle might be weird when you first try it but after a few minutes, you will be surprised at how comfortable and manageable the bike is. The bike is fairly stable and responsive, I can handle it with ease and I feel so relaxed when riding it on paved roads.

You can find all the controls on the handlebar, there are a power button, a horn, a headlight switch, and indicator lights showing the current battery level. We also have a USB port on the battery to recharge our smartphones but I rarely use it.

Since the bike requires power to run and there is no backup solution, you will always need to check the battery before every ride. There is a compartment to store the charging cable in the battery, so make sure to place the cable back after every charge. A full charge takes around 4 hours.

There is also a Swagtron app for iOS and Android which can be used to track distance or speed but it’s not necessary because I don’t need to track the performance of an e-bike. The only reason you should install the app is that it can unlock the top speed of 18 mph, then you can uninstall it from your phone.

A shortcoming of the bike is that the seat is unadjustable, so it might be too low for tall riders. However, it still can fit people with the height of up to 6ft.



  • Improved battery life
  • More powerful motor
  • Compact design
  • Affordable


  • Unadjustable seat
  • Small wheels suitable for paved roads only

The SwagCycle Pro is an ideal choice if you’re shopping for a pedal-less e-bike that doesn’t cost a fortune. It’s great for short commutes or running errands.

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Build Quality
Riding Experience
swagtron-swagcycle-pro-folding-electric-bike-reviewAn affordable folding e-bike with improved battery and motor.


  1. If something goes wrong the customer service is terrible.
    I have two swag cycles. I have owned them for six months. One of them has spent a total of four months in for repair. The other over a month.
    The repair is slow and the company does not answer support emails quickly. I am on the third repair for failure to charge

    • You may want to consider replacing the provided battery pack with a pack purchased from a quality seller on the internet. You can buy pre-configured, shrink-wrapped battery configurations…even get custom-made packs to meet unusual dimensions or configurations. Some will provide a connector of your choice…on others you may have to use a soldering iron to change the connector to be compatible with your bike. Soldering is NOT hard. You can probably even substantially increase the Ah and Wh capacity of the battery pack by getting a replacement pack. For example, if the pack is currently 8Ah, you may be able to obtain a 10 or 12Ah pack in the same form-factor at about $150 +/-. Any higher Ah capacity pack will of course take a bit longer to fully charge but it can be well worth it. Make sure any seller you use has a very high customer review rating and customers speak highly of the battery packs provided by the seller.

    • The problem COULD be your charger and not the battery. Check that its output is the right voltage for your battery pack. For example, a 36V lithium-ion battery pack takes a 42.0V charger. Also, you charger may provide the right voltage, but cut-off charging too early due to overheating. Using the proper cautions, you might try using a different but compatible battery charger to charge the battery to test this theory.
      SAFETY ISSUE for lithium battery charging:
      Never leave a charging lithium-ion battery unattended.
      Always charge them in a safe place like on a cement garage floor or concrete patio with no combustible items near the bike or charger..

  2. In my opinion, the bike has numerous defects, and the Warranty is a joke- Be prepared to pack and pay to ship the bike to Indiana ($$$$) to have any warranty repairs made.

  3. Bought my swagcycle pro through HSN on sale, great deal, but day it was delivered and my excitement, realized i was missing a part for the seat, took me almost 2 months with multiple calls to both hsn and swagtron to get the part, finally came , cons small light weight compared to my razor metro echosmart, its a dream, con 1 month in blew the rear tube, replacement tube no issue, found good priced ones on amazon, but the hexbolt ended up getting stripped because the allen wrench wouldn’t untighten the darn bolt, took me another 2 months to get some help repairing,. Now back up on the road, another con, the app for the swagcycle not only keeps disconnecting, i have never been able to unlock the 18 speed, no matter how many times ive tried, the darn speedometer never goes past 11 miles an hour, i also notice the battery itself may already not be at max, so i may need to rep,ace by next summer, and i havent located those battery, except one time i saw a very expensive replacement, also no videos on doing this, i i still love my swagtron pro, get tons of people stopping me or waving, but my workhorse scooter razor metro, after replacing stock batteries to 9ah gave me much more speed distance


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