United City Bikes is a manufacturer based in Zurich, Switzerland and they’ve released some folding electric bikes that claim to be the lightest on the market. The Swiss startup launched its bikes on crowdfunding platform Indiegogo in April 2019 and they raised over $1.4 million in just 2 months.

The first 100 bikes were priced at just $699 but the discount rate became lower over time. At the time writing this post, you still can order on Indiegogo and the price starts from $999 now. The One bike comes in 3 different models which are U1, U2, and U3. They have just some slight changes in the disc brakes and battery.

Besides, there are a US version and an Europe version. The Europe version has the max speed of 25 km/h and can run on pedal-assisted mode only while the US version has the max speed of 32km/h and has full throttle mode. Let’s check out full specs of the bikes.

Max speed25km/h (EU-Version)
32km/h (US-Version)
Start assistanceYes, up to 6 km/h
Net weight27.6 lbs (12.5 kg)
Battery36V – 5.4Ah Lithium-Ion (U1)
36V – 7Ah Lithium-Ion (U2)
36V – 8Ah Lithium-Ion (U3)
Battery Range- Assisted mode40km (5.4Ah) (U1)
52km (7Ah) (U2)
60km (8Ah) (U3)
Battery Range – Throttle mode22km (5.4Ah) (U1)
28km (7Ah) (U2)
32km (8Ah) (U3)
ChargerAC100 – 240V 1.8A
Charging time3.5 hours
Folding size9.8″ x 25.2″ x 30.1″ (25 x 64 x 76,5 cm)
Unfolding size49.2″ x 20.5″ x 39.4″ (125 x 52 x 100 cm)
FrameHigh Grade Magnesium alloy
Tires16 inches
BrakeDisc brakes (U1)
Shimano disc brakes (U2)
Shimano hydraulic disc brakes (U3)
Maximum load capacity220 lbs (100 kg)
Electrical support levelsEasy / normal / speed
LCD DisplayYes
MSRP$1,599 (U1), $1,799 (U2), $1,999 (U3)

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  1. United City Bikes is big fake !!

    They invented nothing, nothing is manufactured in Zurich !!

    This bike is designed and manufactured in China by Golden Age Vehicles Ltd.

    UCB just purchase in China and sell in Europe.

    Their crowdfunding for ‘development’ balblabla s one big lie !!

    This is just fake and a big fraud.

  2. Many backers got “trapped” in that campaign. You should better update this article. The bike was made by jauntybikes and UCB just added a new logo.. Despite that, 6 months after, they are still not able to deliver…

    No U3 model all of a sudden, and no shimano brakes as promised initially.

    They offer no refunds, and to block users from commenting, they remove them from UCB FB official page, and they mark them as “Refunded” in IGG without issuing any refund….SCAM!! Stay away

  3. Worst company ever. Since they manage after sales this way, don’t buy.
    I nicely asked for refund because my mobility is sh*t for more than 5 months since I needed it after moving to a much further place. They refused once. I asked again with legitimate arguments and didn’t answer back. I sent respectful messages and shared my experience on Facebook for others. They deleted all my messages and blocked me (which is forbidden by Facebook rules since I didn’t use any bad word and insulted them).
    I then sent a message to the CEO on linkedin (dirk kochhan if you want to do the same) asking for a proper conversation. He checked my profile, read my message, but didn’t even reply.
    What kind of company does that? I have a company for 10 years and my sole goal is to make my client happy, even if that implies stopping a relationship with him (in that case refund). For those that received it, I’m worried about your after sales. And those who bought, ask with me for refund or don’t buy…

  4. Is this company a scam?

    When are you refunding my money? I committed to a U3 specifications bike and paid in full for 2 bikes complete with additional XL large capacity battery and carry case. When you informed me that the U3 is no longer in production I asked for a refund.
    That was in November last year, to date in February you keep on insisting on sending me a U2 lower specifications cheaper bike. The indiegogo authorities have agreed to mark me as refunded in November last year. That is within the terms and conditions, in the mean time I tried to call by phone the number on my invoice +41 44 55 22 641 only to find it is disconnected.
    Are you scamming me and keeping my money? If you are refunding it I should have it in my account bu now.
    I trusted you in advance by paying, are you trustworthy to refund my money?
    Why is your number that’s on my invoice disconnected?


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