While many electric scooters on the market have very similar design and specifications, the TROXUS T1 Pro caught my attention because of some unique design and features. I tested the scooter for about a month and really enjoyed it.

Specifications & Features

Weight45 lbs
Unfolded Dimensions45.2″ (L) x 20.8″ (W) x 45″ (H) 
Folded Dimensions45.9″ (L) x 19.2″ (W) x 19.5″ (H)
Motor36V 350W, brushless, front drive
Top Speed15 mph
Battery Range37.2 Miles
BatteryLithium Battery Cell 36V/7.5 Ah
Charging Time8-10 Hours
Max. Slope Performance15° (for 220 lbs weight)   
DisplayLED Display With 3 Modes(Eco / Drive / Sports)
ChargerIntelligent Charger/ 42V / 2A / Short Circuit Protection
BrakesDual Brake System – Disc Brake (rear) / Electronic Regenerative Brake (front)
Weight Limit220 lbs
Recommended Rider Heights4’7″ ~ 6’4″

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The TROXUS stands out of the crowd with its edgy design. This is a bold attempt to compete with other brands as most scooters play safe with a soft and curvy look. The T1 Pro does not only have a strong design but also an amazing build quality.

The whole scooter feels very sturdy and in fact, this is the heaviest e-scooter I’ve ever used. It weighs 45 lbs while my previous scooters weigh less than 30 lbs. The extra weight is due to the dual battery design; Unlike others, it includes two batteries in both the handlepost and the standing deck. You can remove the battery in the handlepost easily and recharge it using the included charging dock. When you plug the charger directly to the scooter, it will recharge both batteries at the same time. Thanks to the dual batteries, the T1 Pro’s range is really impressive, nearly doubles the range of my other scooters. According to the manufacturer, the maximum range could reach 37 miles.

I really love the design of this scooter but it becomes a little inconvenient when I have to fold/unfold or carry it around. The folding mechanism is simple but it is not really easy to push the latch down every time I need to fold or unfold the scooter. Another disadvantage is that the front wheel is lifted up after folding, so the scooter stands on the rear wheel and the front edge of the deck; This would damage the surface after a few weeks of use.

The TROXUS features a powerful 350W motor but I don’t see any difference when comparing it with 250W and 300W scooters. It is even weaker than some scooters with 350W motor and it struggles when climbing some moderate hills. This is probably because it is significantly heavier than others. Having said that, it still performs very well on even roads. I often ride at the speed of around 12 mph, so the maximum speed of 15 mph is good enough for me. The rides are quite stable and comfortable on 9.3″ non-pneumatic tires.

I love that the LED lights of the TROXUS are very bright and apart from the front LED light on the handle bar, it has extra front lights on the deck as well. The lights are helpful to get me visible when riding after sunset. Unfortunately, the LED display is not that bright and it is almost impossible to see the numbers outdoors.



  • Unique design
  • Amazing battery range
  • Bright LED lights
  • Reasonable price


  • Cumbersome design
  • Difficult to fold or unfold
  • Dim LED display

If a cool design and long battery range are your priorities, the TROXUS T1 Pro is a really good electric scooter and worth considering, especially when it costs just around $450 at the moment.

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Design & Build Quality
Riding Experience
troxus-t1-pro-electric-scooter-reviewWe at BikeFolded love the e-scooter because of its strong design and amazing battery life.


  1. Troxus has an 18 month warranty. In February 2021, I purchased two electric scooters from Troxus. In March 2021, one of the scooters began stalling and no longer being propelled by the scooter’s engine. I informed Troxus in March 2021 of the issue. At first tightening the handlebar screws fixed it. Over time it got worse and worse. I repeatedly emailed Troxus and received questions from them and no solutions. The closest to a solution that they provided was on 10/27/2021, “We checked your order and you bought two T1 for $500 and one for $250. Now the price of T1 pro on our website is $699, with a Halloween discount of $150 to get the price of $549. Based on this price, so we subtract $250 from $549 to get $299, which is the additional cost you will pay.” This means Troxus wants me to pay more than the price of the $250 original scooter to obtain a new one. An example of their customer support is “We think it may be that the connector in the handle has a bad contact problem and so error code E1 is displayed. Please take it apart and check it.” This would be fine, but there were no instructions to follow. How would I know a “bad contact problem”? On 10/25/2021, I emailed Troxus with a follow up question, “”To be more clear, you note below ” Please take it apart and check it.” What section of the scooter should I take apart and what should I look for. Then what are the potential solutions to fix it?”” Troxus’ response on the same day was, “….Sorry we can’t provide video instructions as we no longer have the blue T1 in the warehouse. We have upgraded to the T1Pro. Can you go to a repair shop nearby to check it? we will do our best to help you!” I emailed Troxus on 11/13/2021 as it took a while to get a repair shop appointment. ” I finally found a repair shop. They say it will cost $100-120, but there’s no guarantee they will be able to find what he thinks is a bad connection.” I have not heard from Troxus since even though I sent two follow up emails.

  2. They are very wicked I bought one too from Dubai and the same I arrived in India the tyres are gone I did appeal for replacement they didn’t mind up till now


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