Allen Sports has been so popular as a manufacturer of bicycle accessories and small folding bikes. All of their folders have 20-inch or 451mm wheels, therefore, I was a little surprised when the new Allen Sports Atocha is equipped with the bigger 24-inch wheels. What are the advantages of the bigger wheels? Let’s check out the new bike.

Specifications & Features

  • Weight: 29 lbs
  • Folded Dimensions: 36.5″ x 30.5″ x 15.8″
  • Frame: 6061 Aluminum, patented press-linkage folding system
  • Forks: 6061 Aluminum
  • Speeds: 18 (2×9)
  • Wheels: 24″ x 1.5″, quick release
  • Front Derailleur: microSHIFT FD-R42
  • Rear Derailleur: SORA Shimano RD-3500
  • Rims: GLEDE 24″ 1.5″ 14G CNC
  • Crank Set: Jiankun L2-421A
  • Tires: CST K193 24 x 1.5″
  • Brakes Levers: Sram FR5
  • Front Brakes: Jocund RDM2.0D
  • Rear Brakes: Jocund RDM2.0D
  • Shifters: microSHIFT TS83-9L Trigger
  • Saddle: DDK 3166
  • Pedals: folding
  • Kickstand: Alloy
  • Recommended rider height: 4’9″ – 6’6″
  • Max rider weight: 242 lbs

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The Allen Sports Atocha is considered a premier folding bike for city dwellers who live in small apartments and don’t want to use the small folders out there. The Atocha features bigger 24″ x 1.5″ wheels but it isn’t as big as I imagined. Many people will appreciate the change because it looks more like a regular bike now. Big and tall riders used to complain they felt uncomfortable using a 20-inch folding bike because it is too small, like a kid bike. The bigger bicycle absolutely will make them more confident and no longer have that awkward feeling.

Although the bicycle is bigger, it is still more lightweight than many 20-inch folders out there. It weighs just 29.1 lbs. The 18-speed (2×9) drivetrain by microSHIFT and Shimano is not the best quality but it’s good enough to help me climb some moderate hills without any problem. There is not much of a difference in comfort between this and smaller ones like Allen Sports XWay, especially when I ride the bike on flat roads. However, the bigger wheels show their benefits when dealing with potholes and climbing hills.

The Atocha has the same locking mechanism as other Allen Sports bikes, and I really love it. The 2 wheels can be secured with rear wheel lock, then I can easily roll the bike for easy transportation. The press-link folding system also works great and it helps me open and close the frame hinge with less effort.

Besides, many riders will appreciate the disc brakes because it delivers great stopping power under wet conditions and there is no more rim wear.



  • More comfortable on different road types
  • Affordable price
  • Lightweight


  • Bigger folded size
  • Average-quality components

The Allen Sports Atocha is the biggest folding bike from the manufacturer. If you are looking for a big folding bike, this is totally worth considering.

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Build Quality
Riding Experience
allen-sports-atocha-24-folding-bike-reviewA beautifully designed folding bike with big wheels.


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      The bike is made in China. Have you tested it yet? I appreciate if you can post a user review of the bike here.


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