If you are new to Brompton and want to buy your first folding bike, you might get confused with the various types of handlebars, including S Type, M Type, P Type, and H Type.

The first letter in the model number indicates the handlebar type. For example, an M6R says this Brompton has M Type handlebar, 6 speeds, and a rear rack. In case you are not familiar with the handlebar, Brompton has explained the differences between them. Let’s take a look at the comparison.

Side-by-side comparison: Style and Height (Image provided by Brompton)

The S-type handlebar provides a very responsive ride with an aggressive riding position. It is suitable for people who want to reach high speed since it is lighter and has less wind resistance.

The M-type handlebar offers an efficient and comfortable ride since riders sit in an upright position. This is a classic design and suitable for city bikers as it provides a better field of vision. The M-type handlebar had some changes in 2017 as it has more curve, lower rise, and longer stem.

The P-type handlebar is the most complicated one as it offers two grip positions, one is higher than the M-type and the other one is lower than the S-type handlebar. The P-type handlebar is designed for touring as you can change hand positions and make long trips more comfortable.

The H-type handlebar has the highest height of all these options. It uses the same handlebar as the one on M-type handlebar but the stem is 60mm longer. It is suitable for leisure rides in the city.

The most popular and classic choice is the M Type and you can’t go wrong buying a Brompton bike with the handlebar. It is also my favorite since it delivers a perfect fit and a more leisurely upright ride.

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  1. Useful article, Ive been looking for a roller for the brompton, can anyone tell me the model being used in the photo as that looks perfect?

  2. Still wrapping my head around Bromptons and the nomenclature. So, the the M and H handlebars are exactly the same, with the difference being the length of the stem? But for some Brompton chose to classify it like this?


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