CityRover S5 is not an affordable electric scooter but it has some advanced features that don’t exist on other cheap products. I’ve tested the scooter for over a month and have mixed feelings about the product. Let’s find out if it’s worth the money in this review.

Specifications & Features

MaterialCarbon fiber, Aluminium alloy
Motor & Tire5.5″ 36V/250W x 2 (solid tires)
Mileage18 – 24 miles
SuspensionFront suspension system
Weight25.3 lbs
Max Load260 lbs
BatteryLG 18650cell, 36V/10.4Ah (Ryder)
USB Output5V/1A
ChargerInput: 100-240V, Output: 42V/2A
Charging Time5 hours

Product Images

Design & Performance

Inside the box, we have the scooter, a charger, an Allen key, and user manual. The scooter is ready to use out of the box, you will just need to install the 2 grips and power it on.

It took me no time to get used to the CityRover S5 since the controls are almost the same as other electric scooters. We have the power/headlight button on the front, a horn and mode button, and a thumb accelerator and brake. Besides, there is a display showing current speed, gear, and battery level. Notably, there is also a USB port to charge your smartphone.

To save the best for last, we’re going to mention its disadvantages first. Firstly, I don’t like the folding mechanism of the scooter since it’s more complicated than that on my previous ones. They use a folding latch and a lever on the side for better security, however, those latches are not really easy to pull out. Moreover, the lever even falls out a few times during my usage.

The next problem is that the charging port is placed on top of the deck, near the folding latch, therefore, you won’t be able to charge the scooter in the folded position.

As compared to the Swagger Swagtron, the CityRover is significantly heavier as it weighs more than 25 lbs. So, it might be a little inconvenient when you have to carry the scooter by hand.

Apart from those issues, the CityRover S5 is way better than my previous scooter. Riding the S5 is much smoother since it has a suspension system on the front. We also have a rear light for extra safety. And most importantly, it features the dual 36V/250W motor which powers both the front and rear wheels. The motor doesn’t make the scooter faster – it has the same maximum speed of around 15mph due to local regulations. However, you will find it useful when climbing slopes and totally can feel the torque difference. To activate the dual-drive mode, you just need to hold the Mode button on the handlebar for a few seconds. In case you ride on even roads, you should use the single-drive mode to save battery. The CityRover has the gradeability of 20%, so it won’t have any problem when riding up some steep hills.

The battery life of the scooter is quite good, it is rated at about 20 miles and I can ride for a few hours. In case the battery is degraded, you can also replace it easily as it is housed inside the deck.



  • Powerful dual-drive motor
  • Good battery life
  • Bright rear and front lights


  • Expensive
  • Folding latches are not smooth
  • Heavy

Overall, the CityRover S5 is a great option when you need a powerful electric scooter and ready to cash out more than $600. We totally recommend the product.

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Build Quality
Riding Experience
cityrover-s5-dual-motor-electric-scooter-reviewA very powerful electric scooter.


  1. We purchased a city rover this fall. The unit arrived with a malfunctioning screen. The speed was not registering and the number of bars made no sense.

    After one week, the accelerator would either stay on or not respond. I contacted customer service They told em the replacement parts were free but i had to pay for shipping. Shipping the new battery control unit and screen was going to cost a few dollars less than buying a completely new scooter!!! ( i live in Canada and they said the battery was considered a hazardous product and so shipping was outrageous) My scooter is dead within a few weeks of ourchase and it would cost me more to fix it than to replace it.

    If you live in Canada, do not purchase this scooter. Quality control is poor and repairs are outrageous….

  2. Sean roto los cables de habrirlo y cerrar , en menos de 5 meses , algo hacéis mal , y ahora el problema es mio con la garantia y si entra , un gran problema espero respuesta gracias

  3. The tyre was broken after 5 months. The battery alarm is beeping at around 50 percent and there is no way to disable it. The vendor refused to replace tyre within warranty, not even after I offered to pay for the replacement.
    Their comment was that it is simply not replaceable.

    Will never purchase from them again. Next time when I buy a scooter, I would go for a reputable brand such as xiaomi or ninebot

  4. i purchased this scooter from aliexpress , arrived with the screen cracked but i did not care.. been using it daily to ride about 3 miles. after 3 months it broke.. i came to a full stop and its stuck, it wont come off the break i cant accelerate .
    i tried turning on and off charge it and the rear brake light is just on amd its hard to push. it makes no sence to me.. i do NOT recomend this scooter or any chinese made.. suck it up and get the inboard.. Made in the usa

  5. I purchased my S5 in 2018. I’ve had fun riding around my neighborhood or local parks. However in December it stopped charging. I ordered a replacement charger from City Rover which arrived in early January of this year. When I plugged it in, the charger LED stays green instead of red. I’ve contacted City Rover support but due to the time difference between the USA and China, it takes forever for them to reply via chat. Not sure I’d recommend it from my recent issue and seeing these other comments.

  6. Hi, please could somebody to sell me a broken scooter for spare parts? I was very satisfied with the S5 scooter’s dual drive, despite robustness of the scooter is lower. I used it for 5 months, and very satisfied, no bigger problem. But during vacation i dropped with scooter to salt water (sea, my failure) so the controller is broken now. If you could sell the controller.

  7. Guys, I purchased my scooter in 2018, after 6 months (not used in the winter). both tyres split. They are solid (not air filled) and the friction created during commutes caused the tyre to expand and eventually split. Shortly after I mounted a curb and the entire deck snapped in two. luckily I was not going fast. This happened on the 6th of July, so I emailed the company immediately for replacement parts. initially, it took a while to receive a reply but I eventually did. Since that 1st contact I have heard nothing, I have a complete email chain of all my attempts to contact customer service, I even have a direct What’s app number and i continue to be ignored. In the beginning, the CS was great, the scooter was great too the distance covered was amazing but as soon as it went wrong it went horribly wrong. I an still trying to contact CR but was told that model is being discontinued, But where does that leave me? I was reluctant to post this review because all I want is a scooter that works but for $689 the aftercare is disappointing, to say the least.
    save your money and purchase an alternative scooter.

    ill keep trying and if I get a response I will update this comment.
    any questions please feel free to ask

  8. I bought one a few years ago, was fun for a bit, but ultimately solid tyres are no fun.
    These things are pretty dangerous due to pretty poor brakes (solid tyres making that worse too).
    I now keep it as a fancy battery bank.


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