Earlier this year, we saw Peugeot release some new e-bikes, including the e-Kick electrically-assisted scooter and the eC01 electrically-assisted bicycle with automatic transmission. They didn’t stop there.

At the Paris Motor Show 2016, the French brand has just unveiled its 2 new electric bikes, the eF01 and the high-speed eU01s. Notably, the eF01 is an electrically-assisted folding bicycle, let’s check out its offerings.

The Peugeot eF01 was launched along with the new Peugeot 5008 SUV and it is actually a great companion for the car. There is a Dockstation in the trunk of the car, and you will just need to fold the bicycle, place it inside and recharge the battery. It will take around 2 hours to fully charge the battery. If you don’t have the SUV, you can use any power outlet to charge the battery.

I really love the design of the bicycle, it’s somewhat similar to the recent Xiaomi Qicycle as Peugeot also hides the battery inside the frame. However, you can see that the Peugeot e-bike has a sleeker look and better build quality

Folding the eF01 is quite fast and easy. Just retract the seatpost, fold the handlepost and then the main frame. The 2 wheels are perfectly aligned, so you can easily roll the bike as well.

The bike weighs 37 lbs and it can reach the top speed of 12 mph. A full battery will help you ride up to 18 miles, the real life battery life depends on the pedal assist mode you use. You can connect the bike to your smartphone via Mypeugeot app to view current battery level and range.

The eF01 uses the small 16-inch wheels and you can see they use high-quality disc brakes on both wheels. Another nice feature is the patented memory system for the saddle, that will help you adjust to the perfect saddle height quickly.


The Peugeot will be available in early 2017 at Peugeot and CycleEurope stores. Pricing is not announced yet.

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