Xiaomi has turned from a copycat phone manufacturer to an exponentially growing brand with numerous categories like smartphones, tablets, wearables, water purifier, drones, lamps, action cameras or self-balancing scooter. Their catalog becomes more complicated now with another smart gadget, the Xiaomi Qicycle Folding Electric Bike.

The Qicycle is everything you’ve ever wished for in a bicycle; it is smart, it is electrically powered and it is foldable. What surprised me more is the MSRP, it is so reasonable at $450. You hardly can find a good folding electric bike at such a low price.

Notice that it doesn’t run on throttle mode, that means you won’t be able to enjoy a free ride without pedaling. Fortunately, the pedal assist mode is much better for exercising. The 250W 36V high-speed motor built in the front wheel will help reduce a lot of effort put into pedaling. The motor is powered by 20 Panasonic 2900mAh batteries, these are high-quality batteries also used to power Tesla cars. The battery can last up to 28 miles on a single charge. I appreciate that the batteries are hidden inside the main tube. Charging the battery is easy and it will take just around 3 hours. You can also find the front and rear lights on the main beam.


The bike is equipped with a Shimano three-speed gears but this is not a fast bike. Its maximum speed is just 12.5 mph. Besides, it is not really lightweight, the whole bike weighs nearly 32 lbs although the frame is made of lightweight aluminum.

Folding and Unfolding

A huge advantage of the Qicycle is that its compact size. You can easily carry it anywhere and even put it in a hatchback’s trunk.

When you own the bike, you no longer need to buy a separate bike computer because it’s integrated into the bike. You can monitor speed, distance, power, dynamic power and calories burned. Besides, you can change pedal-assisting modes like Fitness, Power-saving, Balanced and Extra power.

After installing the companion app on your phone, you can also see more info like GPS, bike status or ride stats.


The bicycle is available only in China at the moment and it comes in 4 different colors, which are Red, Black, White and Yellow.

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  1. on the China market it seems to cost a lot more then 450US,

    and on the international china warehouses, thet sell it for more then double that.

    Both Gearbest and Banggood got it for around 1000US+shipping, hence now the price has fallen a bit.
    same with Aliexpress and the stores there, also seems to be around the 900US.

    so I doubt that one shall put the 450US as an realistic estimate, we got one in house for the moment but that chinese display puzzzles me, cant ewen turn on the lights.(tsk tsk)
    about the navigation, is it a must to already have an navigation on ones phone to manage that function, ity certainly doesnt seem to notice any maps or citys here in Scandianvia / Copenhagen..

    • just a notice to the above question. the lights turn “on and off” by holding the upper button in..
      and would estimate the price out of china’ around the 600dollar mark when it gets stocked up somewhere in the comming months.

  2. I am Portuguese and i want by a Xiaomi Qicycle Folding Bike. What is the price in Euros , where i can by in Portugal.

    Filipe Guimarães


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