Micromobility is the new trend this year when a lot of people don’t want to use public transit and can’t afford a private vehicle. The rising popularity of electric scooters benefits consumers the most because now we have more choices at affordable prices. In this post, we’re checking out the Swagtron Swagger 7T Transport.

Specifications & Features

Weight30.87 lbs
Unfolded Size42.63 x 16.14 x 45.66 in (108.3 x 41.0 x 116.0 cm)
Folded Size42.9 x 16.14 x 17.9 in (109.0 x 41.0 x 45.5 cm)
Speeds3 settings
Top Speed18 mph (30.6 km/h)
Battery PackDetachable Li-ion, 10 Ah, 360 Wh
Battery Range19.8 miles
Charging Time6 hours
Max Charging Voltage/Current42V, 2A
BrakesElectronic throttle control, disc brake and foot brake
LightsLED headlight, taillight
Tires (Front & Rear)Puncture-resistant 10″ honeycomb-style tires
Ground Clearance4.5 in (11.5 cm)
Maximum Capacity220 lbs
IP RatingIP54
Adapter Input Voltage110-240V, 50-60 Hz

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I was quite surprised when I took the Swagger 7T Transport out of the box. I looks so similar to the Turboant X7 Pro that I tested recently. I feel like the two scooters even come from the same factory. Even the 10Ah 360Wh battery pack is the same and therefore, you can expect the same battery range here. The only difference is probably the tires. The Swagger 7T is equipped with puncture-resistant airless 10″ honeycomb-style tires; The tires require less maintenance and give us a peace in mind that flats will never happen. I think the honeycomb tires are a perfect solution for e-scooters because they are durable and provide great shock absorption during long commutes. The only downside is that the tires are more expensive and more resistant than pneumatic tires.

The scooter has very good maximum range at 19.8 miles according to the manufacturer. In normal usage, I can easily ride it for over 20 miles on a single charge. The kick-start motor and cruise control help conserve the battery and extend the range by 25%. It is more than enough for the majority of average consumers. Even when I drive my car, most of my trips are shorter than 10 miles, so I totally can use the scooter instead of my car in a lot of cases. The use of electric scooter does not only save energy, reduce carbon footprint, but also save me a lot of time being stuck in traffic or looking for a parking spot in the city.

The battery is attached to the stem, so the design is a little bulky in my opinion. It also makes carrying the scooter more difficult. I often have to use two hands to get hold of the stem. A benefit of the design is that we can easily remove the battery for recharging; I don’t need to move the whole e-scooter closer to a power outlet. Another benefit is that the scooter has higher ground clearance now since the battery is no longer placed underneath the deck.

As compared to the Swagger 5 Boost, the Swagger 7T features a more powerful 350W motor. The max speed is still capped at 18mph but handling inclines becomes much easier.

The rear disk brake of the scooter is very responsive and it is equipped with the Autoguard technology which cuts off power automatically when you press the brake lever. Out of the box, there was a rubbing noise on the disk brake but it could be fixed easily by re-aligning the brake calipers.



  • Smooth ride
  • Affordable price
  • Removable battery
  • Powerful motor
  • Great battery life
  • Puncture-proof tires


  • Bulky design

At this time, the Swagger 7T is $50-$100 cheaper than similar e-scooters on the market. As compared to its competitions, it has the same or even better specs, therefore, we at BikeFolded highly recommend the scooter.

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swagtron-swagger-7t-transport-electric-folding-scooter-reviewA powerful electric scooter with an even lower price.


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