While waiting for the Airwheel R5, The Airwheel E6 smart folding electric bike is officially available in the US now. Let’s check out more details of the bike.

The E6 is an electric bike powered by a detachable battery, and there is no pedal at all. That means you will have to walk the bike when it runs out of battery. They use a 247.9wh Li-ion battery with a quick-charging USB port. The battery has a charge cycle of 800 times and a full charge will take about 3 hours.

The bike is pretty small with 9-inch wheels but its maximum load is still similar to other folding bikes at 220 lbs (100 kg). Everything can be folded in this bike, including the main frame, the footrest, the handlebar, and even the saddle.

You might think the tiny wheels will make your rides uncomfortable, fortunately, the Airwheel E6 has a built-in suspension system on both wheels. It is hidden inside the front post and the frame.

You can also install the Airwheel app to view riding data, as well as adjust speed settings.

The bike is available in 2 colors, which are Black and White. It is available on many retailers in the U.S. right now.

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  1. Is there a way to tighten up the steering column? This bike is unridable do to the fact that the steering column and front wheel go in different direction while riding it. Very dangerous.

  2. The centre of gravity of the rider is far enough back for this bike to tip the rider off backwards. I was fine till I put my feet on the foot rests and tried to sit up straight. That tipped me off backwards.

    I’d say it’s dangerous and would be much more so if you encountered a ramp or any obstacle that raises the front wheel even a little. You can feel it trying to tip over as you apply the throttle to move off.

  3. The Airwheel E6 can tip you off backwards. If you are moderately tall and you relax and sit back when you put your feet on the rests your centre of gravity may go beyond the rear axle and may cause the bike to tip over backwards. Once started there is nothing you can do to prevent being tipped backwards on to the ground.


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