The long wait is over. Brompton has started holding some events to test ride their new Brompton Electric Folding Bike. The project was announced a long time ago but we didn’t get any idea what it would look like until now.

The electric bike features the same design as the current Brompton lineup. The manufacturer decided to mount a battery pack in a detachable front bag and add a front hub motor. The design is quite similar to the setup by NYCEWheels when they sold their own electric motor conversion kit for around $1,400.

Many Brompton fans are disappointed since they expected something more integrated with out-of-sight components. The new electric bike is like an add-on kit. Besides, most prefer a mid-drive motor because the front hub will make us feel like we are being pulled forward and we can’t leverage the gears. The hub motor drives the front wheel while your pedal power will drive the rear wheel. We will get more details of the bike soon.

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The bike is available for test rides in London by the end of July 2017 and it is coming to more cities around the world. Stay tuned as we will get more details of the bike soon.

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